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    Electric power steel pole introduction
    The appearance of the electric steel pole is beautiful. Because of its compact structure and beautiful image, the electric power steel rod can basically meet the aesthetic requirements.
    Parameters of Electric power steel pole
    HeightFrom 8 meter to 55 meter
    Suit forElectric Power Transmission and Distribution
    ShapePolygonal or Conical
    MaterialNormally Q345B/A572, Minimum Yield Strength ≥ 345 N/mm²
    Q235B/A36, Minimum Yield Strength ≥ 235 N/mm²
    As well as Hot rolled coil from ASTM A572 GR65, GR50, SS400
    Power Capacity10kV to 500kV
    Tolerance of the dimensionAccording to client’s requirement.
    Surface treatmentHot dip galvanized Following ASTM A 123, or any other standard by client required.
    Joint of PolesSlip joint, flanged connected
    StandardISO 9001:2008
    Length of per sectionWithin 14 meter once forming
    Welding StandardAWS (American Welding Society ) D 1.1
    Thickness1 mm to 36mm
    Production ProcessRaw material test → Cutting →bending →Welding (longitudinal )→Dimension verify →Flange welding →Hole drilling →sample assemble → surface clean→ Galvanization or powder coating ,painting →Recalibration →Packages
    PackagesPacking with plastic paper or according to client’s request.
    Product namepole cross arm for overhead power line
    Length of per sectionWithin 14m once forming without slip joint
    Minimum ultimate tensile strength490mpa
    Max ultimate tensile strength620mpa
    Electric power steel pole advantage
    Electric power steel bar construction is simple and quick. Power steel pole construction basically does not need to set up the process, only need to install the power steel pole after the completion of the whole group immediately, the construction speed is much faster than the tower construction, so the use of power steel pole can greatly improve the construction efficiency and shorten the construction period.
    The material of steel bar is not easy to be stolen. Because the electric power steel pole is made of integral insertion or flange connection, the phenomenon of missing parts is basically eliminated, the hidden danger of accidents is reduced, and the line health level is improved.
    How to remove rust from electric power steel pole
    Coating rust prevention is a common and commonly used method to solve the problem of rust prevention for electric steel poles. It not only has good effect and low price, but also has many kinds of coatings, wide selection range and strong adaptability. It is not limited by the shape and size of components, and is convenient to use and suitable for field construction. But the durability is poor, and it needs to be maintained in a certain period.
    Electric power steel poles are protected by chemical oxidation, such as phosphating, in which steel is immersed in phosphating solution containing ferrous hydrogen phosphate and manganese hydrogen phosphate to form insoluble ferrous phosphate and manganese phosphate protective films; metal coatings, such as electroplating or hot dip galvanizing, are used to protect electric power; metal protective coatings, such as coatings, plastics, etc. The metal surface of the steel bar is protected from erosion by the medium. The above methods are all done from the surface, if from the internal changes in the composition of the power steel rod metal, increase copper, chromium or nickel alloy elements.Transmission Pole suppliers


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