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    BS-10 Waste Water Cable Granulator Machine Introduction:
    BS-10 is mainly adopt the water recycling,little bigger than BS-05,these 2models are one whole part, it use the water and vibration principal to separate the copper and pvc granular.this is a updated machine, not same with the traditional water granulator machine, this machine is small and compact size and occupy the little space, the water can cycle use in the processing and no pollution to the environment. in the granulator machine, only BS-05 cable wire shredder can use single phase, other copper wire separation machine must use 3phase.
    Waste Water Cable Granulator Machine Technical Data锛?/span>Model BS-10
    Separating rate 99.8%
    Processing diameter below 25mm
    capacity (10 hour)600-1200kg
    BS-10 Wet Granulator Recycling Equipment Spare Parts
    wet granulator recycling crusher sieve
    copper wire granulator blades
    water copper wire machine chamber
    BSGH EQUIPMENT Aftersale Service1: Overseas technical support available.
    2: All day long 24hours service,call me : 008613772508206. Wet/Water Copper Cable Separator Machine suppliers


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